About Us

Our Team

Margaret Somner
Managing Director

Margaret started the company after completing an Open University course and inventing the Sinkie herself! She is always keen to please and loves to hear from people!

Contact Margaret on margaret@dossil.com

Ali Irving-Smith
Sales Office Manager

Ali joined the company in January 2015, taking up the role of Sales Office Manager. She has a background in Sales Admin and Customer Service and likes to get the job done!

Contact Ali on ali@dossil.com

Our history

Dossil comes from an old Scottish word meaning plug or spiggot

It all happened during an Open University Course in Innovation Design and technology T302...

A visit to the hairdressers revealed the delays and nuisance  (not to mention direct and indirect costs) of a  blocked sink.

Thus the Sinkie was developed for the extreme conditions of hairdresser’s backwash.  The hairdresser has probably more need for a reliable sink strainer than most people with all that hair being washed and shed every day.  The salon hair wash basins often have the plughole next to the wall of the sink, so it had to be flexible to fit.  Many hairdressers’ strainers have teeth  and we heard stories of how some strainers can be knocked out of position by someone’s long hair, then getting tangled in that object.

So the search for the perfect answer commenced:

  • It had to work
  • It had to stay in place, not lift up or float off
  • It had to bend to fit the most awkward places
  • It had to have no teeth so there would be no risk of getting caught in hair
  • It had to be durable, not a throw away item
  • It had to be easily cleaned
  • It had to be of use not just in the hairdressers but wherever there is a sink
  • It had to have a proper name and not just a ‘thingie’

From cut-outs in the kitchen through to development with the help of Brunel University we eventually reached the perfect design. 

Then began the search to find the right material.  Many materials have been researched and tried over the years, some were too hard to bend and some had too much chlorine used in production.  Natural rubber was great but could perish with ordinary household chemicals after time.  Silicone was found to be the best, it is durable, bends, lasts well, takes lovely colours and is virtually impervious to household chemicals.

The Sinkie was designed to bend to fit those awkward corners making it useful in not only hairdresser sinks, but in the miniscule wash hand basins in some boats, caravans and cloakrooms.

Margaret, the owner of Dossil, received help and support from Business Link in Slough, who encouraged her to develop the product further and introduced her to the technology department at Brunel  University to test the Sinkie by physical modelling.  Later  Margaret was introduced to Bruce & Alasdair of Design Edge who helped with the design along with Tony.

The Sinkie is now being manufactured from a naturally produced silicone in Malaysia from where over 80% of the world’s rubber comes.

And those versatile Dossils have been keeping plug-holes clear of waste ever since!

Production of the Sinkie

Margaret visited the factory in Malaysia, to check on product quality, and if suitable for our requirements.  Most importantly were the people.  We wanted to ensure that all employees were looked after, earned a decent living, were happy and safe.