22 Sep

Sinkie in Action

Just an idea of where to use the Sinkie, this simple video just says more than I can say



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08 Sep

Coming Soon

This page is under review and more items to be published shortly; keep checking, but as always, any questions please contact us directly. Thank you, Margaret

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01 Sep

Thank you for visiting us at GLEE


Thank you for visiting us at GLEE and we hope that you had a great time at the show.

Please have a browse around our website and view our products.  To take advantage of our trade prices,  you may like to set up as a trade account by clicking on the Trade Account section or if it is easier phone us, we can do it for you!  If you also enter code GLEE at the checkout you will receive 20% off.

Kind regards




Look out for our photographs from GLEE which we will be uploading soon along with additional postings.


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28 May

In the pet salon

Perfect for stopping that pet hair going down your plugholes!

Pets of all sorts need a good clean from time to time.  Some are washed at home, while others go to the pet parlour. 

Professional Pet groomers generally use a bath or a large, specialist sink to wash their doggie clients, but whichever one is used, the result is the same: a lot of hair, which can block the plughole and hold up business until the plunger or the plumber set it free.  

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27 May

In the hairdressers

Stop hair clogging the plughole - and catch that earring before it is washed away

The Sinkie was invented because of a visit to the hairdresser.  A backwash was completely blocked and customers were forced to wait because of the lack of sinks.  The plumber arrived rubbing his hands with glee, thinking of the big, fat fee he would earn. 

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27 May

In the bathroom

Stop hair clogging up the plughole - and catch that earring before it is washed away

Where do we like to go and relax to unwind?  Yes the bath and don't you just hate it when, after a lovely bath or shower, that relaxed and clean feeling disappears as we have to clear debris and hair from the bath?  Pop any Sinkie over the plughole as you pull the plug and all the debris is neatly collected, making for easy removal. 

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27 May

In the Kitchen

Dossil's range of high quality, compressed silicone rubber accessories keep the kitchen sink area clear, clean and scratchfree. 

Nobody likes scraping out the plughole, reaching for the plunger or, worst of all, calling out the plumber for a blocked sink.  Be it food waste or in food preparation, the Sinkie can be used to catch any vegetable peelings, soggy cornflakes or cat-food and keep your plughole clear of waste. 

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14 May

On holiday

Caravans and Motorhomes

Guard against spoiled holidays

The narrow pipes in caravans and campervans are prime candidates for becoming blocked: they simply aren't wide enough to carry away all the debris.  Whether it's in the kitchen or the shower area, the same applies.  What's more, the plugholes are often in the most awkward places, and given the amount of space available it's good to be able to keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and hygienic while keeping chores to a minimum. 

That's where the Sinkie comes in - keeping the plugholes clear of waste. 


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