In the bathroom


Stop hair clogging up the plughole - and catch that earring before it is washed away

Where do we like to go and relax to unwind?  Yes the bath and don't you just hate it when, after a lovely bath or shower, that relaxed and clean feeling disappears as we have to clear debris and hair from the bath?  Pop any Sinkie over the plughole as you pull the plug and all the debris is neatly collected, making for easy removal. 

These practical, economic accessories fit most plugholes, even the most awkward ones.  They catch almost anything, hair debris or earrings, so people can rescue their prize possessions and prevent the shower or bath from blocking. 

  • It's patented skirt design ensures that waste can't go underneath
  • It is made of tough compressed silicone rubber which is chemical resistant and withstands heat to 250 degrees
  • Easy to clean and completely hygienic - simply rinse it under a tap or put it in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Streamlined design means waste won't stick in the holes
  • Flexible and bendy to fit plugholes in the most awkward places
  • Versions available to fit virtually any plughole anywhere
  • Available in a range of stylish colours