In the hairdressers

Stop hair clogging the plughole - and catch that earring before it is washed away

The Sinkie was invented because of a visit to the hairdresser.  A backwash was completely blocked and customers were forced to wait because of the lack of sinks.  The plumber arrived rubbing his hands with glee, thinking of the big, fat fee he would earn. 

Hairdressers probably have a greater need for a reliable sink strainer than most people, with all that hair being washed and shed every day.  The salon basins often have the plughole next to the wall of the sink, making it difficult to fit a standard metal strainer, and often built in strainers are made of plastic which disintegrates in no time at all.  Even then, they often have teeth, which become tangled in customers' hair. 

The answer to all these problems is the Sinkie.  It's easy to use, heat and bleach resistant and environmentally friendly. 

  • Versions available to fit virtually any backwash
  • Now in a range of stylish colours, including fashionable black, to match any salon
  • Easy to lift debris and hair off after use - simply tip the waste into the bin and rinse the Sinkie under the tap
  • Easy to clean and completely hygienic - you can even put it in the washing machine with the towels. 
  • Streamlined design without teeth means customers' hair won't become tangled in it
  • Flexible and bendy to fit plugholes in the most awkward places
  • Made of tough compressed silicone rubber which is chemical resistant and withstands heat to 250 degrees
  • Patented skirt design ensures that waste can't go underneath