Frequently Asked Questions

My plughole is in the corner of the will the Sinkie fit?

The Sinkie bends to fit over virtually any plughole. Simply bend the Sinkie over the plughole and then push the suckers down and this will keep it in place.

How do I prevent the Sinkie from moving around?

When you position the Sinkie over the plughole, make sure that you press the suckers down and this will keep the Sinkie in position.

How can I keep my Sinkie clean?

The Sinkie can be cleaned in the washing machine with the towels!

I have noticed that a small amount of black has appeared on the reverse side of the Sinkie, how can I remove this?

This is a mould, caused by spores that inhabit many damp places. As the Sinkie can withstand bleach, soak it in a bleach solution for a couple of hours and then put it in the washing machine. This should remove any black dots that appear. After use always stick the Sinkie to the side of the bath or wall to dry and this should reduce any black dots from appearing.